The cannabis industry is saturated with different products that allow the user to ingest cannabis in different ways. However, not everyone is aware that the way you ingest cannabis will influence its effect on the body.

We explained the function of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in this article already. To summarize – the effect of cannabis is always influenced by the receptors to which it binds to, and this is further influenced by the method of ingestion.


cannabis ingestionWhen you smoke cannabis, you are heating it at a high temperature, which in turn, changes the chemical structure. When smoking, you make cannabis psychoactive, because the THCa in raw cannabis is changed to the psychoactive THC form. The process is called decarboxylation and affects all the acids, not just THCa.

However, smoking isn’t the healthiest way to consume cannabis, because the mouth tissues and lung cells are exposed to the smoke which can cause damage. If you need to consume a high dosage of cannabis regularly, there are many healthier alternatives to explore.


cannabisIf you like the immediate relaxation effect after smoking, but want to avoid the risk associated with combustion, vaporization is a good way to go for you! When you vaporize the herb, it is heated to a point in which it doesn’t burn, so carbon monoxide and toxic hydrocarbon intake is reduced. Vaporizing is also much more efficient than combustion, the smoke you inhale from vaporizer consists of approximately 95% cannabinoids, compared to 15 %  when you smoke.

You also have more options with vaporizing as well. For example, there are many e-liquids infused with cannabinoids that you can choose from at different concentrations. Vaporizing delivers the compounds straight to the bloodstream and brain for a quick effect, in the same way smoking does; so in reality, you aren’t missing out on much by switching to vaporization from combustion!